Dec 172012

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for those of you who nominated, for a ! I would have been thrilled to have been nominated for the Best Solo Site Category, but I have such great Krissy4u Fans out there that I ended up being nominated in FOUR different categories! So, thank you all SO MUCH! I really appreciate it, and it means so much to me that I have Fans out there who love the work that I do!

Also, please make sure you place your vote (if eligible) for the ! Also, when the final voting begins for the categories, I hope you will place your votes for !

Krissy4u – 2012 Tranny Award Nominations
Best Hardcore Model
Best Non-Typical Model
Best Solo Site
Best Internet Personality

I would also like to say congratulations to all the nominees in all the different categories! It is going to be a wild party this year so I hope that some of you Krissy4u Fans out there will make it down! Again, thank you to all the Krissy4u Fans and readers of the Krissy4u – Network Blogs out there. I was blown away when I learned that I had made four categories!


Nov 192012

tranny awards 2012 Please Nominate Krissy4u For The 2012 Tranny Awards!

Hiya Krissy4u Fans!

I’m actually a little bit behind in promoting the this year, so I hope that I can still count on some of you Krissy4u Fans out there to head on over to the 2012 Tranny Awards site and nominate for the “Best Solo Website” category. Of course, can you nominate my site for other categories as well if you feel like it.

The is the one chance per year that I really have the opportunity to broadcast my site to a larger, nationwide audience. Besides the blogging that I do, I have very few resources to publicize my site on a national and even international level. This year’s Tranny Awards are going to be even bigger and better than last year’s so please do take a few minutes, head on over to the site, and place your nominations!

Also, I will be attending the in person again this year, so if any of you would like to come meet me, I’ll be there! I am always a bit shy when it comes to parties and such so please don’t feel afraid to come up and say “Hi”…

The nominations are only open for a few more days so it is very important that you place your nominations as soon as you can! Don’t delay!

Thanks to all my Fans!

Oct 102012

krissy4u stockings Krissy4u Network Blog Shemales In Stockings Is Back Online!

Hiya Krissy4u Network Blog Readers icon smile Krissy4u Network Blog Shemales In Stockings Is Back Online!

I’ve been aware that my blog, Shemales In Stockings has been down for the last couple of weeks. I had to take the blog down due to some unfortunate traffic issues that were leading to an adverse affect on the other blogs. I think the issue has been rectified now and is back online! I’ll be continuing to update it so I hope you’ll give it a little visit, especially if you love seeing all those sexy Shemales in hot stockings! Until the first update, enjoy a little picture of me in stockings icon smile Krissy4u Network Blog Shemales In Stockings Is Back Online!

Thanks for your continued readership!


Jun 102012

Hiya Krissy4u Fans icon smile Krissy4u Naughty Asian Tgirl Has A Facelift!

This weekend I started doing a redesign at that I thought would take a few hours… It ended up taking all weekend! Still, I think the end result was worth the effort and besides a few tweaks that I’ve still got to do, I’m pretty happy with the results. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think!

I’ll be continuing to work on it during this week so this blog will not be updated for the rest of the week icon smile Krissy4u Naughty Asian Tgirl Has A Facelift! I hope you all have a great week!